Newsletter Pop Up - Widget

Newsletter widget displays pop up box with customizable content.
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nopcommerce 4.10
Newsletter Pop Up - Widget nopCommerce 4.10
nopcommerce 4.20
Newsletter Pop Up - Widget nopCommerce 4.20
nopcommerce 4.30
Newsletter Pop Up - Widget nopCommerce 4.30 (MSSQL)

Newsletter widget displays pop up box with customizable content. The Widget is designed to get the attetnion of the visitors and to build newsletter database (for marketing campaigns).

Increase customer base
Free support during first 3 months

Newsletter widget displays popup with customizable content. It's a perfect, simple widget for each store owner to attract customers. It can be used in many different ways. For example you can easily notify your customers about a fact that your office will be closed for few days due to your holidays. You can also upload a picture and inform your customers about seasonal promotion in your store.

Customizable content

Use the TinyMCE editor and customize the whole content that you want to have in your store. It's very easy also for beginners because it's a "What you see is what you get" editor, so the whole popup will look the same as the one provided inside the admin panel.

Display popup with delay

You can control the popup appearing time with Delay show windows in milisecond field.

Time limited popups

Use the "Valid until" field to specify the last day of popup appearance. It's a perfect way to create a time limited popups. For example if your office is closed to Sunday, popup can appear only to Sunday. So you don't have to turn it off..

Fully customizable with CSS

Use the CSS styles, classes and rules and customize your popups to match them with your store design. You can create styles in external file and just use the CSS classes to improve the performance of nopCommerce.

How nopCommerce plugin – Newsletter Widget will help your customers?

  1. 1. Gives possibility to promote new services and products.
  2. 2. Allows to highlight seasonal promotions.
  3. 3. Allows to comunicate with your customers with popups
  4. 4. Possibility to create advertisements popups

Still not convinced?

Our demo store is on duty! Login to the admin panel of demo store and check how the Newsletter Widget - nopCommerce plugin, really works! Please visit our documentation page, you will find there necessary information and first steps in the Newsletter Widget.

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